Jennifer West

Spiral of Time Documentary Film

Salt Crystals Spiral Jetty Dead Sea Five Year Film

Terrazzo Floor Spiral Film

Rebecca Salvadori

Emptiness Eurotour

Egor Kraft

The URL Stone

The Link


Hiwa K

My Father’s Color Period

Lois Patino

Estratos de la Imagen

Laura Gozlan

Remote Viewing


The Charon Cycle is a video program investigating the essence of the film medium, its capacities to transcend narratives and become the « Carrier » of sensitive and cognitive experiences. This program is divided into 4 sub-sessions represented by 4 symbolic, medium-related objects.


As the support of art creation, the Easel symbolizes the « disegno » and the distinction of film as a form of art, such as defined by Hans Richter in the essay of the same name. This medium earned its credits through the experimentations of avant-garde generation who identified its ability to create and con­­­­­vey sensation beyond narratives, through the moving-image based dispositive. This first session questions the notion of film as a conductive body. Painted, cut, elongated, structured and unstructured, burned etc. the medium become the language and the message, producing immersive content by its own essence as an instrument of creation and discovery.


The artworks presented in this section offer a meta-filmic study on the condition of the medium itself, trying to define its pure nature, dissecting its core to transcend its power.