A rare example of teamwork-oriented artist group, the Xindian Boys consists of four artists par excellence, namely Tsong Pu, Chen Shun-Chu, Wu Tung-Lung, and Su Hui-Yu. They respectively belong to three different generations and adopt different creative media such as painting, installation, photography, and video. Their work addresses the themes of nature vs. artificiality, body vs. spirit, and power vs. energy with a unique mysterious style, in dialogue between Eastern traditional landscape and retro Sci fi movies. Xindian Boys elaborate this complex art that involves political issues with philosophical conception, introducing the viewers to a world of senses and abstractions.

The Best Day is a video work in Xindian Boys' very first series. The scene in this work was shot in the mountains of Wu-Lai. The four artists firstly recorded a concatenation of their motions in this natural environment with 360 degree high-speed photography, and then edited the images into a video without the outset and the coda. By virtue of the concept of circle/circulation, the content of this video not only demonstrated a harmonious relationship between the nature and humanity but also emanated an aura of oriental philosophy. The treatment of time is this piece is related to the feeling of motion: an imperceptible impression of the flow of time in an inner landscape. The slow motion, re-edition of scenes, the backsliding and other manipulation indicate a conscious and quite melancholic sensation of wait and past.


In November 2015, the world-renowned exhibition Paris Photo invited them to exhibit The Determination of Life, their first collaborative series completed in 2012. They since exhibited in Double Square Gallery in Taipei, The Taipei Fine Art Museum and other international art institutions.