Dimitra Louana Marlanti is an Italian artist and film director living and working in Milan. She studied Architecture at Politecnico di Milano and Communication at Instituto Europeo di Design.


Her video Diamorphoses takes its name from the first electroacoustic composition created in 1957 by French composer and music theorist Iannis Xenakis. Paying tribute to the early ages of electronic concrete music, Dimitra Louana Marlanti created this video for the experimental music festival Terraforma in 2016, taking her inspiration from the idea of terraforming which is the transformation of an alien environment to resemble Earth.


The found footage video montage by Dimitra is using the same idea of collage that was used by Xenakis in his compositions were the sounds in recordings were extracted from engines, trains and other natural and mechanical phenomena. The video is focusing on the manipulation of the landscape, sounds and material. Diamorphose represents the transformation of something into something different: terraforming is an inner and outside process. As the artist says : “The material is a mix of online found footage from YouTube and other sources like university or amateur video archives. Most are the original versions, but others I modified. The audio is a track by Bee Mask, an American artist that composes electronic music. The title of the track is "Fried Niteshade" from the album When We Were Eating Unripe Pears." Diamorphoses are manipulations of landscape, manipulations of sound, manipulations of materials; transformations from one state to another. Diamorphoses is and isn’t; it’s at once complete and continuous.