Isa Ho is a Taiwanese artist, born in 1977.  She has grown up in a Taiwan very different from that of her grandmothers, and the seismic changes in women’s lives and roles are a central theme of her work.  Today women are free to work, live independently, and marry whomever they choose. Yet they remain under pressure to uphold the Confucian idea that a good woman stays demurely at home under the care of her father or husband. “Modern women are given more opportunities to express themselves and their abilities,” the artist says, “but the roles women take on in today’s society also create conflicts between traditional values and new ones.” 


Isa Ho explores those topics with several medium, focusing on photography and video. Her works have been exhibited and collected in the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Gwangju Museum of Art (Korea), Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Les Rencontres d’Arles, etc. She has been awarded with the Arte Laguna Special prize in Venice in 2018.


In her single channel video Peony, Isa Ho explores the similarities of two very different forms of dances : Kun opera on one side and K-pop dance on the other. Peony is an adaptation of the song "HATE" by the girl group 4-Minute. The K-Pop dancer performs the choreography used in “HATE”, but slowed down. The Kun Opera dancer uses traditional Kun Opera choreography to mirror the movements. By linking past and present to draw the image of the woman condition through ages, Isa Ho offers a poetic and touching work about intimacy and the heritage of time and History in our contemporary world.