Johannes Vogl was born in Kaufbeuren in Germany and attended the University of Arts, Berlin. Vogl’s works border on the brink of chaos, but hold us in a suspension of a specific moment that questions the temporality of this—is this the preliminary, the after, or are we in media res? The practicality and objecthood of his materials are applied and turned inwards and outwards in so many ways so as to create new dimensions of possibilities for such objects. Vogl’s works heighten the senses in the most extreme and acute of ways. As a careful observer of the everyday, Vogl is in a condition of a permanent alert with a volcanic (creative) energy and vigilance, bursting out at each step and reaction. Here, artistic field is an open and unlimited area of genuine possibilities and potentialities where endless solutions are being applied and new unexpected constructions are being staged on the crossway of inspiring reality and seductive fiction.