Based on the observation of social, cultural and spiritual realities, Deirdre Sargent’s work consists in a conceptual expression of self introspection and group interactions: the omni and individual. Sargent’s work encompasses videos, sculptures, and other mixed media installations in a multiform approach, where the irony, humor and wit mix to confuse the viewers and challenge his resistance, questioning his thoughts as well as daily acts. The text is an important part of her pieces, often highlighting deep introspective reflections behind what seems to be absurd or humoristic day-to-day speculations.  


In her videos, Sargent appears to face the spectator in her personal intimate space, dragging him into her own, irregular and unpredictable ideas that go from existential subject: the exphrasis of one’s body, the meaning of our origins, gender, religion etc. to more superficial concerns about social duties.

For the artist, these reflections keep us away from the beauty and spiritual energy of our planet, disconnecting us by imposing material and social power, often represented in her videos by the symbol of money. The existence we live under these type of social and individual constraints is seen by Sargent as a fake presence, such as o’s work follow the line of e observed on a stage. We are the audience of our own life. In this sense, Sargent’s work follows the line of the antique Roman Art, so poetically illustrated in Pompei. An art that considered our lives only as plays in which everyone wears a mask to perform on stage.

Deirdre Sargent (b. 1985, Boston, MA) lives and works in New York. She graduated from Pratt with a BFA in 2008 and from Yale with an MFA in 2013. Her work has been exhibited in various shows in New York, Miami and Providence. Recent exhibitions are Island Girl at Gordilloscudder, Island Girl on Video at AC Institute and USAMLKPDA, The Sculpture Center in Cleveland, and Peninsula Art Space.