Jaret Vadera is a transdisciplinary artist whose work explores how different social, technological, and cognitive processes shape and control the ways that we understand the world around and within us. The artist investigates the field of semantic and the poetics of digital language, in relation to human processes. Vadera's practice is influenced by cognitive science, post/de-colonial theory, science fiction, and Buddhist philosophy.


Vadera's paintings, prints, photographs, videos, and installations have been exhibited and screened internationally at venues such as: the Queens Museum, MoMA, the Smithsonian APAC, Asia Society, Aga Khan Museum, Bhau Daji Lad Museum, and the Maraya Art Centre. 

In parallel, Vadera has worked as a curator, programmer, and writer on projects that focus on art as a catalyst for social change.


File_Not_Found, is part of an ongoing investigation into the parallels between neuronal networks and the internet. Early developers talked about the internet as a kind of mind. Following this logic, the search engine is a key structure through which we understand, remember, and are remembered.