Xiandian Boyz

Roberto Greco

Dimitra Louana Marlanti

Eve Sussman & Angela Christlied

Regina Hübner


Time is the added value of video. Its own very unique element that distinguish it form the other main forms or art such as painting, sculpture and architecture. Of course painters and sculptures have found their personal ways to narrate time by dividing the scenes in a succession of compositions or by crystallising the actions in one unique instant « pregnant », but their medium do not offer them the capacity to explore mobility and built anticipation for what is yet to come, or what might never come. The video artists have learned to master this element to offer unparalleled treatments that can manifest a presence or an absence, an action or the calm before the storm, the wait or the suspense. In other words, the sensation of life. 

Using the specificities of the medium to manipulate its structure: distortion, elongation, stretching, raccourci, slow motion, immobility or furious movements both from the subject and/or the camera, many are the artists who gave body to the intangible notion of time, in the present, past or futur of the story. Indeed, this program investigates the treatment of time as a sensation, but also time as a period with without the construction of an immersive vision for the viewer, depicting various real or imaginary epochs and translating their atmospheres.


The artworks presented in the closing session of The Charon Cycle offer an illustration of the explorations undertaken by the avant-garde and young video art generation in the deepness of time reading.