Deirdre Sargent

Luo Yang

Marie Vic

Isa Ho

Zina Saro-Wiwa


Early experimentations on the video medium from the Avant-Garde artists have been pursuing on the capacities of the film to depict intimate fragments of life. A tool for the observation of scenes that quickly transform into memories, documentation or impressions of a past that quickly gains the status of truth. In this context, the film is conceived as a tool to show the « truth » of life, and investigate the notion of identity: identity of a landscape, of a person, of a community, of a part of time that will inevitably disappear from anywhere except from the medium. They deal with the construction of the vision and identity of a being or of a nation. Jonas Mekas, who mastered the film’s ability to capture a moment through time and space, was obsessed with this way to find back a moment « a volonté ».  These moments of confidence, of sincerity or self-investigation tend to resonate with a universal experience, a collective conscious and memory that turns stories into history.


The video artworks presented in this session reflects the intimacy, the poetry of an instinctive as well as universal language, made of sound and light.